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Learn about an animal...

and make new friends!

Learn About Animals
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What is animal_smarts?
animal_smarts is a community where people can post information about the animal of the week. The moderator, balinor_unicorn, will post a picture of an animal every week and it's up to the members to figure out what kind of animal it is and to post information about it. Members are also allowed to post icons, banners, and other graphics as long as it pertains to animals.

1. Always be nice to other members, no matter what. Flame-wars will not be tolerated and anyone who is rude to another member will be given a maximum of three warnings before being banned.
2. All posts must be about animals, whether you're asking a question, posting information, or posting graphics.
3. Pictures that are larger than 500x500 pixels or multiple pictures must be placed under an lj-cut.
4. At the beginning of each week the moderator will post a picture of an animal. Then the members can make seperate posts about that animal. Please try to stay on-topic in your posts.